Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.31.07 PMTrevor Freeman

Founder of The Ordinary life and host of The Ordinary Life Podcast. Known to write articles on the odd occasion. Twit / FB / IMDB



16111025_363135490710351_6009556860909125632_nChristina Saunders

Editor-in-Chief: Christina has been writing professionally for over 6 years in the business world. She also has her own awesome travel blog called Live and Wander.


richardRichard Morris

TOL Contributor: Richard Morris is a journalism student from Michigan. His subjects of interest include technology, culture and occasionally politics.


robRob Nelson

TOL Writer: Rob is a musician and programmer from Los Angeles. When he is not playing on a street corner near you, he is writing about his experiences with the locals.

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