TruthFinder: Free Online Background Checks Reveal All

TruthFinder: Free Online Background Checks Reveal All
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Background checks are extremely common in the 21st century. With massive databases online, the likelihood of finding information on you or someone else is almost guaranteed. Many online background services allow you to find information such as criminal records, mugshots, arrest history, relatives, online presence (social media accounts), phone numbers, addresses and birth records. I decided to try one of these popular online background services for their free trial, called TruthFinder. The benefit of the free trial is that it allows you to do a background search for free before ordering any reports.

Who I did The Search On

I decided to do a search on myself. As curious as I am about other people, there is no curiosity greater than wondering about what information is available about myself. Especially considering anyone can find this information about me. I signed up for the free trial of TruthFinder and typed in my first, last name, gender, and state. This information helps narrow down the search, but I don’t think it’s required to know all of those details to perform a search.

Results Of My Search

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After entering my details, it took about 2 minutes to perform the search. Now I’m not going to give out too many details because the search was about myself. However, after the website gathered my data, I was redirected to a second page with possible matches. Since I entered my name, state and gender and my name is somewhat unique, and there was only one possible result. It was an exact match because the result said my age without me submitting that information.

I selected the result and requested that a ‘report’ be sent to me.

The report contained details about my criminal record. I had one arrest in the past with one charge, and that information was in the report. It also had a record of all my speeding tickets, as far as five years ago. There were also some minor mentions of court records and court dates about the incidents referred to above.

Beyond my criminal records, the report also had information of current and past addresses that I have resided. In addition to the addresses, there was a record of three different phone numbers I had in the past — although one didn’t look familiar. (Maybe I just forgot?) The report also came up with all of my social media profiles! For some reason that was the weirdest part of it for me.

Reasons To Use Online Background Search Services

After seeing the extremely accurate results of the service I used, I wondered what would be some good reasons to use the service. Although the service I used said that it shouldn’t be used as a legal basis (I.E landlords etc.) it still has many uses. Here’s a list of reasons people use only background services:

  • To check what information about themselves is available to others.
  • To check up on people in their personal lives (relatives, spouses).
  • Some people use the service to see if their spouses or partners have secret social media accounts etc.
  • To screen potential dates or romantic partners.
  • To determine potential employees (Although, the service does not recommend using it for that).
  • To find phone numbers of lost friends or contacts.
  • Look up potential businesses partners and make a risk assessment.

Those are just a few reasons why so many people are using online background checking services.

My Overall Opinion Of My Background Check

I thought the background check was very accurate and concise. Maybe a little bit too concise for my comfort. I also believe the fact that it takes minutes to use and requires very little upfront information is excellent. You can take the free trial with TruthFinder that I used by clicking here.

Click Here To Try TruthFinder Search

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