Sex Robots Give Men Everything And Women Nothing

Sex Robots Give Men Everything And Women Nothing
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Since the Greek myth of Pygmalion, man has long yearned to create an ideal lover made in his image. This historically sought goal shall soon come to fruition in the unlikely anatomy of sex robots.

It is estimated that by the year 2050 human-robot sexual relations will become a new norm. While this might seem unlikely now, simply consider the soon-to-be predecessor to such futuristic technologies: sex machines. Sex machines already exist and are becoming increasingly popular among both men and women. They’re becoming cheaper and cheaper, have a large variety of functions, and are a main go-to avenue for sexual release and adventurousness among many singles, and even non-singles. Sex robots are simply the next evolution of this cybernetic revolution.

Perhaps the most interesting prospect of sex robots is that they will force human relationships to become focused more on personality and intimacy rather than just on sex and attractiveness. By sex robots virtually taking away women’s abilities to use sex as a form of manipulation or reward, relationships will be less shallow and more deliberate as to what the true purpose underlying the relationship actually is. After all, why should you wait hand and foot on a bombshell who has no respect for you? Or perhaps dangles the idea of no sex this week unless you do *fill in the blank*? Why not get a sex robot that doesn’t require a new dress, a dinner date, or a friggin’ toe massage in order for you to get laid that week, if not every
hot robot 2 Conversely, sex robots offer very little incentive for women. For starters, male sex robots can’t provide a source of income for women. Male humans suffer enough finding a tolerable job that provides a fairly sustainable source of income for their wives and families. Male sex robots provide, at best, paid for sex, but even that transactional source would be routed directly to the robot’s manufacturer. Not the robot. You don’t pay the stove that cooks your hamburger; you pay the cook. Additionally, women would have no sexual power over male sex robots at all. What are they gonna do? Deny a sex robot sex? That’s like owning a brand new Lamborghini and saying, “Well, maybe I just don’t feel like driving you at all for the next month.” The only sex drive that that robot needs to fulfill is hers.

As a whole, women will likely be tongue tied as to whether they’ll believe sex robots to be either good or bad for them. “I hate sex robots! Oh wait, sex robots have significantly reduced the trafficking of women and children? Hmm. Well, in that case, they’re only catering to the lustful desires of men and incentivizing them to think sinful thoughts! Hold on a second, they’ve nearly eliminated HIV/AIDS, STIs, rapes, and abortions? Wow. Well, I still think any guy’s lucky to get married to such a hot mama as me. What? My fiancé dumped me for a female sex robot who’s much hotter, is less expensive in the long run, and doesn’t even have a body fat percentage index? God, I HATE SEX ROBOTS!”

There is a beautiful Latin phrase that goes: damnant quod non intellegunt.
This translates to: They condemn what they do not understand.

Whether people/women like it or not, sex robots will become a thing of the present sooner than it may feel. Be it 3 years from now or 33, the erotic age of electronic passion is upon us. On that day, wedding officials may be saying, “I now pronounce you husband and robot. You may kiss the bride.” to which I would look forward to shaking hands with the lucky robo-bride and then handing a fresh can of WD-40 to the groom for their honeymoon.

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