How To Realize When Someone Is Playing You For A Fool

How To Realize When Someone Is Playing You For A Fool
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I‘ve been a fool more than I’d like to admit.  I’ve fallen for things that I thought I was too wise to fall for. Perhaps, it was an overconfidence in myself, or maybe it was blind optimism. Either way, I’ve often found myself holding out empty hands full of empty words.

I’ve always known that words were frequently a blank expression, despite being a writer. That words alone are utterly meaningless without action or true intent behind them. That these motionless words are the difference between a good writer and a bad writer. A loyal lover and a scornful one. A best friend or an adversary.

Motionless words are the language meant to paint a picture that has no canvas. They are the words that have no horizon. They are the promise of a future and a bond that never reaches the summit. They are the wool over your eyes. 

I know how easy it is to be blindsided by words. I know what it’s like to be told one thing and experience the complete opposite. I’ve felt the polarizing promises of others shift from pole to pole and leave me completely in a haze. I know what it’s like to lose all trust in someone’s words. 

So I stopped reading words and began reading motion.

Love is the ultimate human (e)motion. 

You can only measure love by intention and action. If one is to say ‘you are the world to me’ while discarding you into the sea – then one does not love no matter how delicate the words are.

So next time, read the motion. Do not fall for empty words.

Slow down. Watch.

For if you don’t, you may be left in the sea. Left a fool. 


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Trevor Freeman is a 30 year old entrepreneur, pianist, motorcyclist and philosophy buff. Follow him on twitter @trevorjfreeman.

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