Thoughts About The ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy’

The concept of a sunk cost comes from economics, but the sunk cost fallacy shows that we all have an...Read More

3 Legitimate Reasons To Use Your Imagination Every Day

The imagination is an incredible tool to help you achieve your goals in life. Creating a vision of y...Read More

The Truth About Con Artists

tories about Ponzi schemes, huge cases of embezzlement, fraudulence within Wall Street, etc. have al...Read More

Peering Into The World of “Incel” Or Involuntary Celibate Men

he term Incel, which stands for involuntarily celibate, is popular on internet forums such as 4chan ...Read More

2 Important Ways To Overcome Social Anxiety

“Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions – n...Read More

7 Worthwhile Hobbies for Men

It’s common—and to an extent noble—for men to define themselves by their work. In the profane, pract...Read More

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Does Online Therapy Help? We Tried It Out.

Photo by Naomi August

Can online therapy work just as well as regular therapy at only one third the cost? We tried out popular online therapy service BetterHelp and wrote about our experience. Read more

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