Optimind Review: Do “Limitless” Brain Pills Work? We Tested It Out.

Optimind Review: Do “Limitless” Brain Pills Work? We Tested It Out.
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The movie Limitless was a box office hit earning a solid score of 7.4 on IMDB. The central theme around the movie was the main character took an underground pill that had the capacity to unlock the entire potential of his brain. The pill rendered him a genius, and he was able to move through the ranks of society quickly. The movie was exhilarating as we all could imagine what it would be like to become a genius mastermind overnight.

A few years after the film came out several companies started marketing ‘limitless’ pills or ‘smart drugs.’ Many of these companies used direct terms and images from the movie itself to sell their products. However, we all know that a pill like the one in Limitless does NOT exist and to think so would be a bit impractical. However, are these smart drugs currently on the market still beneficial in some way? And if so, how? I took a trial of a popular product called Optimind to find out.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 1.25.48 AMThe Claims From Optimind

Before I get into my personal review of the product, I want to first mention the companies claims of the product. Here is a list of the claims found on Optimind’s website.

  • Better Focus
  • Improved Memory
  • Healthier Brain

I think it’s difficult to determine how healthy our brain is – but focus and improved memory can be measured. I think having an improved focus is what almost all of ‘smart drug’ users are looking for. We live in a world with a compelling need for attention due to all the distractions and the fact most of our work now happens on computers or is data driven.

Focus Results

So how did Optimind affect my focus? The first few times I took the ‘smart pill’ I didn’t notice much change in my focus. However, around the third day of taking Optimind, I was working in the computer lab and noticed my focus had dramatically improved. I got my usual lab work done in half the time it usually takes me. This new found efficiency has continued to be the case everytime I hit the lab. I just make sure to take it about an hour before I go in to get the best effects for me.

I also noticed that my thoughts are far less ‘flighty.’ Meaning that when I am working on important projects, I don’t find myself thinking about other things. Usually, I would have things pop in my head throughout the day such as — what are people posting on Facebook right now, how long until I can take a lunch break, what’s my girlfriend doing, do I have time to play a game on my cell phone? All of the random distracting thoughts have disappeared or become extremely muted compared to before.

So to sum up the Focus results, I would give this product a 4 out 5 stars easily. I finish my work faster, and I noticed a significant decrease in distracting thoughts.

Memory Results

It was very hard for me to measure memory changes with Optimind, and I didn’t see a noticeable difference until about two weeks. I tried to look at my ability to recall moments specifically, but that was hard to do without giving me time to compare and contrast events. I noticed that after two weeks when I would think back to something I did two weeks prior, I seemed to be able to recall what happened more vividly. This remembered detail looked like an increase in memory to me, but the real change was noticed without me thinking about it. I noticed a few conversations I had with friends where I remembered far more about what happened in conversations prior than they did. This usually was not the case, and they pointed it out to me without them knowing I was taking ‘smart drugs.’ This was a sort of external proof to me that helped me verify the way I had already been feeling.

So as far as memory goes, I would rate the product 4 out 5– there was definitely an improvement, but it took about two weeks to notice the difference. I felt that I remembered things more vividly and friends were also pointing out my recalling abilities.

Side Effects

Honestly, the best part of taking Optimind — besides the benefits — was the fact I experienced NO side effects. The reason why this is such a big deal to me is that almost everything gives me side effects. Hell, sometimes I think even taking vitamin C gives me side effects. That’s not to say you won’t experience any side effects — but if someone as sensitive as me doesn’t, I would say your odds are pretty good.

Overall this product improved my focus and memory in my opinion. I think realistically there is no true ‘limitless’ pill that will give you an IQ of 4,000. However, products like Optimind can help you focus better and perform better in school, work and daily activities. In a world like the one we live in, even a small advantage in the realm of brains can make a huge difference in your success in life.

You can order the Optimind trial that I took by clicking here.

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