MGTOW Isn’t Just a Bunch Of “Ugly Losers”

MGTOW Isn’t Just a Bunch Of “Ugly Losers”
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There are a lot of articles out there by mainstream media that attack the MGTOW philosophy but more specifically attack the practitioners of the philosophy. Most of the insults include a variable slur of “ugly, loser, beta-male, pathetic, bitter and so on”. It’s a curious sight that other groups are attacking men that simply want to opt out of certain societal games (I.E. marriage contracts) because they no longer see them as beneficial.

Basic MGTOW Realizations:

  • Most Romantic Relationships don’t benefit men on any significant level.
  • Men have to make incredible sacrifices for most relationships (time, money + risk)
  • Marriage is a legal disaster for any man. (Alimony, child support, custody, etc.)
  • Men are seen in society as utilities and disposable and generally are treated as such.
  • The juice, for the most part, isn’t worth the squeeze (relationships, purposeless career-grinding, governmental subservience).

It doesn’t take a genius to realize these basic statements as a man when you look at the world around you. All it requires is that you have a brain and a pair of eyes. However, it’s amusing when many people attack MGTOW followers as “ugly, losers or pathetic”. Realizing the aforementioned facts has nothing to do with the way you look. You can be Brad Pitt in the looks department and understand how the world currently works and treats men. You can also look like Quasimodo and realize the same things as well. You can be worth 10 million or 10 dollars and still come to the same conclusions.

MGTOW Is Outpacing Other Online Communities

MGTOW, being a relatively new online term (newer than the others I.E MRA, PUA) is growing exceptionally fast and appears that it will continue to do so. Many men are just getting sick of the shit whether it’s shit relationships, marriage catastrophes, tax slavery – whatever.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.30.31 PM

Nearly 90,000-100,000 people are searching MGTOW every month. Last time I looked at these numbers it was roughly 60,000 a few months ago. That’s some serious growth. This growth can cause animosity among other groups such as MRA and PUA guys. The PUA and Red-Pill guys seem to be the most hostile to MGTOW – it probably has something to do with the fact they have less guys to sell Pick Up Artist books and courses to. Then again, you would think PUA’s would be happy less men care about dating and women – more for them right?

MGTOW Men Are More Likely To Be Good Looking & Successful

Based on the things I’ve seen in my “real life” experience – MGTOW type men are more likely to to be good looking and successful. It’s actually pretty simple reasoning.

  • Good looking men don’t need to get married or settle down.
  • Successful men don’t need to get married or settle down.

Who are a few examples of successful or good looking men that didn’t or don’t want to settle down?

  • Jim Carrey
  • Bill Maher
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • George Clooney
  • Da Vinci
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Isaac Newton

Good looking and successful men don’t need to get married because they can continue to attract women for the majority of their life (if desired) and they have enough money that they don’t need a second income earner. MGTOW seems like the perfect option for a good looking and successful guy, doesn’t it? Then again, MGTOW is a fantastic option for any man.

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Trevor Freeman
Written by
Trevor Freeman is a 30 year old entrepreneur, pianist, motorcyclist and philosophy buff. Follow him on twitter @trevorjfreeman.

    Jim Carrey
    Bill Maher

    Both got married, as far as I know.

    • Trevor Freeman

      From what I read, Jim Carrey was divorced a few times in the past and on Howard Stern talked about never wanting to marry again. Bill Maher is a chronic bachelor also. He does the swap out every year or two, hah.

  • Tim

    Great summary of MGTOW. The reason for the deeply cruel insults being hurled at MGTOWs (fat/ugly/basement dwelling/loser/afraid of women/ad nauseam) is quite simple. When men act primarily in their own best interests first and foremost – like women do for themselves and other women – women lose and men gain. Women want men to continue to live on bended knee for women while simultaneously abandoning their traditional roles as women. In other words – women want men to continue to lose on women’s behalf – as men have ignorantly done for centuries. Such are the hypocrisies and double standards of the gynocracy. Women want to have their cake and eat it too. Won’t happen.

    Men are opting out of marriage and committed relationships the globe over. Why? Because of the countless millions of men destroyed through divorce, false accusations and foolishly giving a woman the ring of power.

    MGHOW here. 6′ 2″. Net worth > 1.5M. Annual income > 200K. Wake up every day eternally grateful that not a single woman has any legal or financial power over my life whatsoever. Every time this facet of my life comes to mind, I smile big. There is no freedom greater than being free from relationship slavery to women.

    Will remain blessedly unmarried and uncommitted for the remainder of my days. MGHOW for life.

  • nMaib0

    what about Cristiano Ronaldo? he’s probably the best example out there.

    • Trevor Freeman

      Great point! Adding him to the list now.

  • American Male

    With marriage transformed into a female led institution of male disempowerment in Western rule of law, it makes no sense for men who have no intention of assuming a beta role and the enormous threats and liabilities accompanying said institution in the event of divorce, but who hold Christian beliefs regarding morality, to pursue sexual relationships of any kind with other people.

    The alternative for us is to maintain our traditional Christian morality AND liberty simply by living our lives apart from any romantic entanglements whatsoever. The best solution is to never have the problem and this strategy really works for us.

    Our lives are not micro managed by family courts on behalf of women who left us and are now having sex with other guys (and/or gals). We do not have to part with our income or face incarceration in the nation’s penal institution with a criminal record that follows us around for the rest of our lives (even when we get sick or terminated and simply can’t make those payments anymore).

    There are no children to lose or watch turned against us by an ex-wife. Etc…

    And we are not corrupting our souls and hardening our consciences by engaging in sexual immorality with other people.

    Perhaps, society will come to its senses and reform the institution of marriage so that it benefits men once again without subjecting them to draconian government oversight and so many threats and liabilities.

    But until that day, if it ever comes, avoiding the problem entirely is a safe, sane, moral, and wise path which increasing numbers of us choose to walk for very good reason.

    • Trevor Freeman

      Great comment fellow American Male.

  • Paul

    1) If MGTOW were really made up primarily of “ugly losers”, women wouldn’t protest the group’s existence. It’s a classic sour-grapes reaction.

    2) MGTOW men are above caring what onlookers say or think about them. Someone calls them ugly losers? So what.

    • Jim

      Great point. And calling someone ugly kind of falls flat if that person has no reason to care about his looks. On a side note, I just found out about MGTOW today. I was surprised to find this group doing what I already was doing myself. I am an attractive middle age male previously married and now divorced. I make a good living and my only companion is my dog. I am happy living alone with my dog off the grid and beholding to no one. So I guess I’m a man going my own way and didn’t know it. No way I’ll ever change. Life is so much better this way.

      • gary lester

        I live off grid too, have the dog etc. and a horse! Horses are man’s second best friend.
        and dogs like them too!

  • JD

    Unfortunately, feminism is not just in western culture. it is in eastern culture as well. In the old days, Asian men married younger Asian women but today they marry the same age. If you are the same age, Asian women no longer feel like the Asian male companion is their superior and then they become “Tiger moms”. They dominate everything and berate their male partners in front of their friends and they are overprotective. I have dated Asian women as an Asian man and even the younger ones who are slightly younger by less than 5 years do that. She would call me every 2 hours at work to make sure I am not cheating on her and discuss every stupid thing that happens to her like her cutting her nails. She did this to the point I got fired and then she puts me down saying I’m a bum and that she quit her job to take care of me and that I can’t do anything right and can’t keep a job. FYI ex-beeotch, I did not ask you to quit your job to harass me out of mine. I told her to leave and I got a new job without having a second boss at home. I am not MGTOW because I can’t get dates. I am MGTOW because modern women even Asian ones don’t know how to treat a man.

  • Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.

    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

  • John Smith

    You forgot the best example of never been married or really cared for it: Leonardo Dicaprio. The guy has a new model every month. The guy is the only man doing it right in Hollywood.

  • MGTOW seems like a worthwhile endeavor should one decide to go that route. The only caveat: how do you know that is the better path for you if you haven’t tried the other?

    Many married people would say they would be happier overall without having the obligation and the need to compromise in a marriage but not too many would give up their marriage for that happiness. The same is true for parents. Many parents would say they would be happier without the troubles of their children but not too many would give up their children for that happiness.

    To me, a marriage is sacred. You don’t get married because you want to do it your own way. You get married because you have decided to do it with someone who don’t always agree with you. And that’s actually ok. You don’t have kids because you enjoy the grief they often give you but you have them because they provide you a feeling of satisfaction beyond words when they say, “I love you, dad” or “I want to give you a hug, dad.”

    MGTOW is one path, but I would advise each and every one of you to consider the idea that the other path _might_ be worth the risk. Life is already full of risks. The key is whether the reward is worth those risks. Personally, I wouldn’t want to pass this world without knowing I have given my everything — yes, including my own happiness — to a woman I love and the children I would sacrifice myself for.

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