Men, Stop Spending Money On Women

Men, Stop Spending Money On Women
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I want to preface this article by saying that I am not talking about wives or long term relationships. That’s a whole different beast to get into at another time.

We are living in the era of use’um and lose’um thanks to apps like Tinder and Facebook. There are numerous reports from men all around the world of women using these apps primarily for the task of getting a free dinner or drinks.  The unusual nature of women using men as ‘swipe-by-commodities’ feels out of place in a liberated and equality based society. A society where women make their own money and have all the same opportunities as men, yet many women still want free stuff from men. In fact, a recent study shows that women in their twenties on average make more money than their same-aged male counterparts. This data only adds to the confusion as to why many young women still want men to pay for them on ‘fake-dates’.

Fake-dates are where women use Tinder under the pretense that they are interested in a date, or the man himself. They use this in order to meet up for free drinks, meals and concert tickets with no real intention of romance – despite romance being the whole premise of Tinder.  After this initial date, many men will be ‘ghosted’ and never talked to again, or just slowly milked for more freebies and goodies along with her other matches. To verify my statements, just do a few Google searches for women using Tinder and Facebook to get freebies from men. Or just click here.

Even worse yet, there are some women on Tinder who request free meals SANS the date. This phenomenon is where women, either through their bio or direct messages, ask that men pay and order them a delivery pizza, no date included. All women have to do is find one poor sucker, lost soul, or lonely degenerate out of her hundreds of possible matches to take send a bite.


“Sushi for the night, literally free food every day on Tinder”.

Look gents, sometimes it’s nice to pay for a date. To take someone out and spoil them from your innate generosity. Just remember, there is a big difference in being cheap and being a fool. The next time you go out on a first, second or third date, consider the possibility of ‘holding off’ on paying for everything. Wait until you see some reciprocation or genuine interest first.



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