Men & Fashion: I Thought That Was a Female Trait

Men & Fashion: I Thought That Was a Female Trait
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It’s not a secret that female nature has undoubtedly leaked and in some cases taken over the daily lives of all men all over the world. For this piece I would like to shed light on the realm of fashion and more specifically an examination of modern-day sneaker collecting culture.

For a summary of this trend I am going to link a Ted Talk. Essentially the speaker is explaining the buying and selling of esoteric sneakers in the secondary market and how it is a multimillion dollar business. Matter of fact the resale/secondary market is poised to be worth $1.2 billion as of last year. Now there is no data stating this but by the target market and culture by and large is a male dominated business venture. Impressive? No, not if you ask me, matter of fact it’s pretty pathetic actually.  

To further explain the depths of this business practice I will provide a link to one of the top website of selling these limited releases and oh so special sneakers. Now disclaimer, before you look at the prices – finish sipping whatever you are drinking and chew whatever it is that you are eating right now.

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Now I know what you are thinking. What the fuck $350 for a pair of shoes?! For that price each pair better be specifically custom made for each of my feet. They better be water proof, made ideal for hiking, climbing, swimming and running simultaneously. Come with a lifetime warranty and unlimited color variations. Sadly however it is just a pair of sneakers, more than likely made 5 plus years ago that wouldn’t be reliable even on a basketball court, of which of coursethey were made for.

Yes you would have these reasonable thoughts about such an inflated price tag. If not then you are too brain washed by the propaganda of this trend/culture. Funny thing is this business has since 1999, so its safe to say that with some circles common sense has gone completely out of the window.  

Given the sales/profit margins this is not a small percentage of consumers, millions of young boys and men are literally paying large sums of money on such trivial materialistic possessions. A sorry state where people are standing in line for hours looking to purchase something worth less than $10 to make but give $150 and then some for a false sense of validation.  

The speaker of the Ted-Talk even askes and defends why he is talking about sneakers. For even he knows that on a subconscious level it is an irrelevant and overall meaningless product/concept to care about. In turn he provides such supporting evidence, data, charts, and numbers to make his claim of significance.  

It is funny though, because even in the realm of fashion men play a more passionate and prideful roll than our female counter-part. If you were to see a video of a sneakerhead (such the term for sneaker collector) explaining his collection its like the equivalent a millionaire explaining his exotic paint collection. The passion, knowledge of history, story behind the shoe, explanation of the color way, etc. I tell you, you will never find a women that passionate talking about her closet.    

Nevertheless this modern day consumerism is on over drive. We have people thinking that they need to buy a new pair of shoes every month and a new toy every 2 weeks. I mean it is cool to say that you collect an item that is hard to find and not too many people have. Yet it is less cool to say that you are a consumer of an overpriced commodity of which the company makes 300% profit of your purchase. On top of that the persons(s) purchasing the product are literally paying to advertise the company’s brand. Making the company more money, more powerful and a greater influence on the society at large. Such is the concept of clothes with logos.

Now reader, I pose this information as a tool for you to reflect upon your own life. Look around your room and see what you are a slave of. From the clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, music, video games, electronics, tools, etc. Is it really a collection and a hobby or an outlet to justify ones own validation by means of material possessions. For if that is true then you will need more, you will always need more because there are deep holes in the cup of validation and self-worth.

Lastly we complain about so many things, yet we let the establishment of a multimillion dollar fashion companies marketing and planned obsolescence manifest. Companies making low quality shoes selling and being bought for hundreds of percentages more than their actual value while we are still flying in planes designed and built 40 years ago.

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Clint is a philosophy student from Missouri. He spends most days reading ethics or writing on various subjects.

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