Master Reality Through Lucid Dreaming

Master Reality Through Lucid Dreaming
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In order to fully express and explain lucid dreaming, I felt an investigative urge to truly know what it’s like for myself.
While I’ve done it once or twice in the past, my writing of this story has helped me rediscovered multiple practices, concepts and theories in regards to lucid dreams and how best to experience them.
I can now, in full confidence and truth, publish my personal findings on the topic and how they might best help you take control of your second reality: the dream world.

You don’t have to believe in chakras, take LSD or become a vegan in order to lucid dream. The concept of being lucid while dreaming is the state of realizing that it’s all just a dream.
That’s it honestly.
From here, what you do is completely within your own personal control. This could mean stopping the dream, passively continuing on with it and seeing where it goes, or forcefully overriding it and making it bend to your well.

In many ways, the only real difference between dreams and reality for an experienced lucid dreamer is the fact that they can control nearly every single planet and particle within their dreams.
But before you too can shift your fleshly, ephemeral metaphysics into that of the abstract, it might help to answer the most basic question on the subject:

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