Making Money Online Is The Last Bastion of Freedom

Making Money Online Is The Last Bastion of Freedom
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Corporate America can be a very hostile place. Long hours, lack of promotion opportunity, being lost in the wave of collegial drones and dealing with office politics are all a part of normal working life now. In fact, Americans work more hours now than ever before for over-all less pay according to ABC News. The massive size of corporations and poor economy have also created an environment in which most employees are easily expendable. If that’s not enough, the political correctness in offices have made it a battle ground in which saying one wrong thing can get you fired. Even making an innocuous joke silently with another colleague can get you fired from your job (such as the dongle joke that got two programmers fired at a conference).

The Drudgery Almost Never Ends

I worked in many corporate environments in the past where it was absolute drudgery. It didn’t really matter too much what my job position or title was. Eventually it always started to wear me down to a point where I couldn’t handle another fucking minute of it. I would stay up all night trying to extract as much joy out of my life that I could – usually reading, games, television or drinking. I remember when 2 a.m. would roll around and the anxiety of having to wake up in 5 hours to do the same drudgery bullshit all over again would set in. I would wake up at about 6:40 a.m. sleep deprived and rushing through traffic like a zombie. This would go on every day until the weekend in which I would sleep the majority of it to catch up with my sleep deprivation I accumulated through the week.

I would often be late to work and have to hear 2-3 managers bitch at me. They would come in and tell me about a bunch of numbers that at the end of the day meant nothing. These numbers were usually performance metrics based on some sort of arbitrary concept. Now that I think about it – it was just like that fucking movie Office Space with Ron Livingston.

Corporate Work Destroys You Over Time

I finally gave up my corporate life to pursue a new way of working that fit my life and personality better. However, it wasn’t until after nearly becoming disabled from an auto-immune disorder. Which by the way I believe largely was contributed to by the stress and hatred of my life due to my disdain for corporate work.

During my 2 year recovery from this mystery illness, I decided that I was going to do something differently. I wanted to work from home and be left the fuck alone. I wanted to make my own hours fully knowing that I have insomnia and sleeping issues. I wanted to make a job that worked for me instead of trying to fit into a job that already existed. I wanted to find a square hole for my square peg. No more jamming my square peg into a triangle slot and then complaining when it doesn’t fit.

The Best Alternative I Found That Drastically Improved My Life

I remembered that when I was 13 years old I did some basic web design. I did some for my soccer team and for my dads business. I decided I wanted to do web design and online work with the hopes of gaining some freedom and maybe the ability to work from home. It took me a year or two but I finally found my footing and made a few bucks online. I also got another job working in online marketing. I went up the ranks pretty quickly with different companies eventually reaching a director role.

During that time I started promoting products on the side as an affiliate marketer. I built out some basic websites and linked to other companies products. After I got my first sale I literally flipped my shit. I made $100 after my website sat there for a month. I decided to go full fledged into over the next month. Before I knew it I was pulling in $10,000 or more a month. I spent the entire year with complete freedom. I spent an entire year traveling, meeting new people, experiencing life to a massive degree. In one year I did more in my life than I did in the last 10 years while making more money than I ever have in the past.

It was literally the most addicting situation I had ever been in. No one was telling me what to do. I didn’t have to wake up unless I wanted to. I didn’t have to worry about bills. I didn’t have to worry about office politics. I could tell virtually anyone I wanted to fuck off (if it was necessary).

The experience that has lead me to where I am today made me realize that the internet truly is the last bastion of financial freedom. The internet is the only vertical in which you can make sizeable income with complete time and location independence (sans building a brick and mortar business for 15 years then hiring a manager).

This kind of freedom is addicting. I know that I will spend the rest of my life doing what I can to obtain and continue this kind of lifestyle. Life is too short to not take the risk to obtain absolute freedom.

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