7 Worthwhile Hobbies for Men

It’s common—and to an extent noble—for men to define themselves by their wo...Read More

Do You Really Want To Live Forever? (Forever, and Ever?)

Congratulations, you are now immortal! What to do, what to do. You spend yo...Read More

Rule 34 Made The Internet Another Final Frontier

To the few of you which might not know, Rule 34 is one of the most popular ...Read More

Why Don’t You Know ‘Who You Are’?

enjoy going out, watching people bumbling about and carefully observing lit...Read More

Three Ways To Grow When You Have No Friends

get the impression that a considerable portion of the readers of TOL are me...Read More

Journaling: Ideas, How-to, and Benefits

s a somewhat younger man, I found myself one day having tea with a priest f...Read More

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