Journey To The Woods: Stoic Silence

Journey To The Woods: Stoic Silence
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I‘ve always had an affinity for the woods. I love how serene it is and how brings forward a different way of thinking.  The shapings of nature are so fluid that it gets us out of ‘square-regimented’ thoughts. It’s a palace of new reflections. It’s the place I go to breathe.

I decided that I would take a trip to the woods. But not just any trip to the woods. I decided to disconnect from the gleaming streets below the hills completely. I deactivated all of my social media or removed all the content from their pages. I called the phone company and had my cell disconnected for a week. I also deleted or disconnected all of my media consumption (Netflix, Hulu, and Curiosity Stream.) I wanted to feel real stoic silence with as little temptation for distraction as possible.

I only brought my laptop and keyboard so that the time I spend is dedicated to writing, composing music and self-reflection.  Although, I am using light internet access to do my writings, videos and to share them- that’s all. I want my mind to roam but not by external sources inputting information but by me outputting my thoughts.

Before I Made My Ascend with Fen.

Before I Make My Ascent with Fen.

I wanted to go alone. The only company that I brought is my Huski. Fen, who is my best friend in this world and the best companion I could ever have. There’s no way I wouldn’t take him with me to the woods.

I’m looking forward to taking Fen with me on a daily hike to a new a place. In the time’s we aren’t exploring I am going to be writing. Writing articles, starting a book and composing music. My goal is to have several things completed when I come back – whether it’s good or not. I’ll spend the rest of the time reflecting on life choices. On what I want to do moving forward in important areas of my life. I feel that it’s important to disconnect now so that I can make the proper decisions.

I’m going to write on what I’m doing up there for the next week. Including both on what I’m doing and what it feels like to be disconnected for those seven days. Check back soon.


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Trevor Freeman is a 30 year old entrepreneur, pianist, motorcyclist and philosophy buff. Follow him on twitter @trevorjfreeman.

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