The Benefits Of Being A Lone wolf

The Benefits Of Being  A Lone wolf
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Society has always seen the lone wolf as an outcast; someone too weak to fit in with society either socially or intellectually. However, the modern world has created a new and more powerful lone wolf. One that is capable of circumventing traditional enslavements with success, power and freedom.

I know all to well what it means to be a slave, a member of the pack collective. I took endless amounts of consideration to the opinions of others around me and keeping the pack happy. I put a lot of energy into being a good man, making sure that I was politically correct or sensitive about my actions. Tip toeing back and fourth on the shells of Faberge egg’s to not upset the collective around me. It didn’t take too long for my efforts of keeping other people happy to be in vain; and to realize it was a huge mistake wanting to achieve approval from others. I thought they were imperative to my happiness and to some degree my survival.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The pack was holding me back from achieving my greatest dreams. 

My Journey Into Isolation

I remember how I spent hours telling the pack about the great things I was going to do. Only to hear it muffled by stories (bitching) of 9-5 jobs or school, their latest crushes and other deafening drama-tales. I was quickly labeled arrogant, narccisistic and shallow by my desire to achieve financial freedom and fund all my life’s goals. What I was doing wasn’t cool to the pack. It wasn’t artistic enough, benevolent or socially acceptible to desire such levels of freedom and to do it while making bank. “Motivated by money? That’s not cool, lets talk about why Suzy Q. is a bitch, the latest novel or these new ground-breaking feminism statistics”.

When I was forcefully removed from the pack of friends, due to un-forseen circumstances – it was my greatest gift. I spent months in isolation battling with loneliness, brief bits of temporary madness and a complete loss of belonging. It took a long time for the muddled chaos in my mind to settle down and let me refocus on what I was doing. My business I started was falling apart because of the depression I went through and I was left moving to a shitty apartment to feast on a banquet of Ramen noodles. I spent many of my nights driving my motorcycle through the empty streets contemplating what the bloody hell the point was anymore. I lost virtually all of my friends, my business was failing and I was depleted of all motivation. This went on for almost a month. One empty street ride at a time.

Finally, I reached a point where I realized, maybe I didn’t have any else to lose? All the walls were falling down around me, so why not play the cards that were handed to me. I let myself be the lone wolf, I let people talk shit about me, I let people walk out on me and I let my business stagnate in it’s own failure. I took what I had left to remold my mind to be free of external opinions. I was ready to play the game again, but this time as my new found identity.

Put it All On Black

I took all the remaining money I had in my banking account and metaphorically put it on black. I took a business risk that had about a fifty percent chance of succeeding, but if it did – it would change everything. I figured if I lost, I would still be a miserable fucker, but if I won – that’s a different story. The business venture I started ended up succeeding even more than I would of imagined. It unlocked my life and gave me financial freedom. I started to pursue every single fucking goal I had in my book. I spent months drawing up blueprints of what I was going to do. I traveled from NYC, to Austin and to San Francisco.

I continued to feed off the inspiration of living my life free of the need of pack-approval. I was completely fucking free on a level I never thought was possible. I spend my days pursuing the things I desire – traveling, learning film, music, radio and writing while supporting myself and becoming completely financially independent.

Allowing yourself to be a lone wolf takes guts. You have to be a tough son of a bitch to forge your own path. However, the gifts you receive are priceless.

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Trevor Freeman
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Trevor Freeman is a 30 year old entrepreneur, pianist, motorcyclist and philosophy buff. Follow him on twitter @trevorjfreeman.
  • Kenzie

    Hi Trevor,

    What do you mean precisely when you talk about lone wolves’ being empowered and free of all oppression? Are you sure these statements are true as I am having some doubts.

    • Trevor Freeman

      Hey Kenzie,

      I was making the point that often, when we are alone we are less susceptible to influences from other people. It’s not always the case, but being alone gives you a chance to formulate ideas based on your own judgements.

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