How CNN is Trying To Protect Pepsi Co.

How CNN is Trying To Protect Pepsi Co.
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 23JAN08 - Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo, USA; Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2008, captured at the Opening Press Conference of the Annual Meeting 2008 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 23, 2008. Copyright by World Economic Forum by Remy Steinegger +++No resale, no archive+++
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As many of you know, who read my blog, I work in the internet advertising world. I run the ads you see on Google among many other places. Recently in my last post, I was doing research on a boycott grocery list with anti-trump companies. One of these companies was Pepsi Co. for recent comments the CEO made about Trump and Trump supporters. While doing my research, I noticed something a bit odd.


Do you see the first listing by CNN in the screenshot? Do you notice anything strange? Well, as someone who works in internet marketing, I do. The little green block next to it that says “ad” means that CNN has paid Google money to put that article at the top of the search results when you type in “Pepsico CEO.” CNN didn’t just write an article about the Pepsi Co. CEO, they wrote an article and paid Google to make sure everyone sees it.

Why would CNN a neutral news service spend their advertising budget to protect the CEO of Pepsi Co? Who would have imagined that mainstream media is in bed with corporations, especially anti-trump corporations? There is something inherently strange about a ‘neutral’ news organization PAYING to push stories that have specific corporate and political agendas, don’t you think?

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