Five Four Club Review: No More BS Shopping Malls

Five Four Club Review: No More BS Shopping Malls
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I think it’s fair to say that most men don’t like shopping, I know that I don’t. In fact, I loathe shopping malls. The charade of driving to the store, parking amongst the horde of cars and walking through crowds of people isn’t my idea of a productive use of my time. I also can’t stand sifting through racks of clothing and waiting in line to use the changing room. These reasons are just a few as to why I no longer shop at retail stores for clothing.

I started using Five Four Club about a year ago and haven’t turned back since. It’s such an easy alternative and when I add up the convenience – the price is more than suitable. I get a package every month that contains several items of clothing. Last month I got a pair of shorts and two short sleeve shirts that fit like a glove. My entire wardrobe went from being pretty bare to exceptional over the past year.


Five Four Club has great style.

My wardrobe is not only larger, but it’s stylistically better and more diverse. Even though I consider myself a guy with pretty good taste, it’s nice having someone with better taste do the work for me. When you sign up for Five Four Club, you tell them what styles you find appealing. For example, in the survey, you pick whether or not you like graphics on your shirts or plain patterns. You choose from contemporary style or professional. You input your sizing based on a simple measurement chart and boom; you are ready to go. You have a professional curator sending you clothing items based on your taste and size every month. There’s no trying on, and there’s no thinking about it, there are no comparing items – it makes life easier.

There is also a tremendous diversity in the type of items you will receive. I received my favorite pair of sunglasses from Five Four Club.

Five Four Sunglasses.

Five Four Sunglasses.

So how much does the Five Four Subscription cost? The monthly subscription cost is 60 dollars. Now, some people might say that it’s expensive, but it isn’t. You get the equivalent of sixty dollars worth of clothing, unless you compare it to Walmart clothing. The quality of the apparel is great, and the style is much better than the majority of cheap retailers.

The convenience is also built into the price which I can’t emphasize enough. To me, even if I were paying more for the clothing, it would still be worth it thanks to the convenience of never having to go to the damn store. No time wasted, no money spent on gas and no annoyance of dealing with shopping crowds.

A lot of guys think that a good wardrobe isn’t necessary or they want to be a minimalist – which I’m all for. However, clothing is essential to the way you represent yourself to the world and can yield in better social standing. If you dress well, your colleagues may treat you better and also society as a whole. Clothing is necessary and if there is a service that makes it easier, why not use it?

So if you’re a man who cares about his appearance or is simply too busy to deal with the headache of shopping – Five Four is an incredible service. I highly recommend at least giving it a try because once you do, I believe you’ll never go back to the traditional shopping mall. Plus, once you have ‘enough clothes’ you can always cancel the service and start it back up in a year or so.

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