Feminist Creates ‘White Male Registry’ Because White Men Are Dangerous

Feminist Creates ‘White Male Registry’ Because White Men Are Dangerous
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I think it’s fair to say that white men are vilified by popular modern culture. The idea that white men are the source of all the problems in the world despite evidence saying otherwise. Feminists and other social justice groups have catapulted into the media with a concerted smear campaign that has normalized ideas such as Lena Dunham’s video which encouraged the genocide of white men. Not only are these radical ideas reaching millions of people but they receive praise by the larger media.

Recently, self-proclaimed feminist Candace Thompson decided it would be a good idea to create a ‘white male registry.’  She cited the fact that 57% of reported rapes and 45% of all serial killers were white men and that the registry is somewhat of a safe way to keep track of ‘potential criminal’ white men.  Although these statistics are not a reason to create a ‘white male registry’, she fails to realize her statistics are far less shocking when you measure U.S. demographics.

White Male Registry

The ‘white male registry’ website includes a sign-up form that collects a number of personal data points about the individual. The requested information is highly personal such as:

  • Income Bracket
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Firearm Status
  • Home address

This kind of information can be highly sensitive for some individuals even if someone submits you as a ‘joke.’  The questionnaire goes further to be more patronizing of white men by asking questions such as, “Have you made a derogatory comment to a minority” or “Have you raped someone or committed a crime recently?”.  The problem with this kind of sensationalism is that no one even knows if it’s a joke or real anymore. Most of the time it ends up being real and has a negative influence on society as a whole.  The idea that getting people to hate ‘white men’ or wish for a ‘white male genocide’ and other divisionist rhetoric is some how productive to society, human relationships and progress is nothing more than misplaced anger.

If you’re a white man and you’re feeling particularly self-sabotaging, you can check out the white male registry here

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