3 Expert Tips To Creating Your First Website

3 Expert Tips To Creating Your First Website
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Small Business Owner Or Blogger: “I need a basic website that looks professional with a blog”.

Smug Web Designer: “Sure, so 5 pages with some pictures and a blog….that’ll be $7,000 dollars”.

The days are long gone in where you needed exceptional computer knowledge or skill sets to design a website. In fact, anyone who has moderate computer proficiency – and most of us do in this age – can design a website for almost no cost. Don’t fall into the trap of letting smug web designers charge you or your business thousands to set up a basic website that almost anyone can do. I’ve seen companies pay up to $10,000 dollars for a site I could have made them in one day – or they could have made themselves by pulling their sleeves up and learning some of the basics. Here are three simple steps to get you started on setting up a stellar business or personal website.

Use WordPress

Over 74 million websites use the WordPress platform because it’s easy and works for just about any kind of business or personal website. WordPress allows you to easily add content and make changes without having to know any coding (although knowing some of the basics will help). You can also download many pre-made designs that you can customize that will give you a beautiful, professional and original looking website. Many WordPress templates that you can buy for only 50 dollars looks just as good as custom ($5,000 +) websites. All of my websites are built using WordPress including this website, Moneyisntevil.com. Below are three steps to creating a professional website in the easiest ways possible using the WordPress platform.

Step 1. Register Hosting Service

Hosting is where all your website files are located on the internet and is necessary to have a functional website online. There are many companies out there to choose from with varying speeds and storage size. Hosting is crucial because if you choose the wrong company to host your website, you could lose big money. I had a website back in 2014 that was hosted with Bluehost which I had regular problems with them and my site intermittently coming offline. One weekend when my website was down due to my hosting company having technical difficulties, I lost nearly a thousand dollars worth of business. My host of choice now is WPengine (made specifically for WordPress), they are fast and reliable, and I host all of my websites with them now. They are slightly more expensive than the cheaper hosts, but it’s better to choose a quality one so that you don’t lose any business due to downtime or have to go through the headache of switching hosts down the line. Changing hosts can be a dangerous nightmare for any business. So the first step would be to sign up with a host, I recommend WPengine which you can sign up with by clicking here.

Step 2. Register A Domain Name

Once you have signed up with a hosting company, you will need to purchase a domain. I use Namecheap to purchase my domains. They offer affordable names with one year of free identity protection. Identity protection means that other internet users cannot look up your personal information (address, name etc) which is always a good idea.You can register a domain at Namecheap by clicking here.

Step 3. Pick A Design

A website’s design is so important to the success of your business or blog. If you have a website that looks cheap, you can also expect people to think you or your business is cheap. In fact, design has a massive impact on consumer trust and can make or break your business. Fortunately, if you decided to use the WordPress platform, you can purchase a beautiful template generally for less than 50 dollars. Once you have a template, you simply upload it to WordPress and begin making customization like adding your photos and company/persona information. I purchase all of my themes for my websites off of Themeforest. Themeforest has thousands of designs from professional designers all around the world. You can browse their website and quickly find a template that fits your business or website personality. You can visit their website by clicking here.

So there you have it. There are the first three steps to setting up a professional website and saving yourself thousands of dollars. Follow these three steps to creating your site.

  1. Purchasing Hosting at WPegine (Click Here)
  2. Register a Domain name at Namecheap
  3. Buy a theme at Themeforest.net

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