Do You Really Want To Live Forever? (Forever, and Ever?)

Do You Really Want To Live Forever? (Forever, and Ever?)
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Congratulations, you are now immortal! What to do, what to do. You spend your first 100 years alive getting a feel for the universe. During this time, you master the money game, get married and have a family, and at the occasional weekend barbecue, ponder how many more years of this life thing you have left to go.

Past 100 up to 250 years old, you start to get a bit more sluggish. Cultures and trends come and go, some people still believe that politics is relevant, and no original stories seem to exist since you’ve heard and seen so many of them by now.

250 to 500 start to become the numb years for you, like your floppy lips after seeing the dentist. There are plans for humans to leave Earth for good and venturing off into the endless black speckled beyond. To plant and sow on brand new worlds. But no matter how close we come to approaching the speed to light, we’re still unable to outrun our human nature.

Everything starts to fade into gray past 500. Days turn into minutes. Food tastes like dirt. Even extraplanetary vacations start to feel like those old 8:00 am visits to the 7/11 for a cup of bitter, lukewarm coffee. Before long, you hope and pray it will all be over soon. And if it isn’t, you’ll make it so. Oh, by the way, next week’s your 659th anniversary to your wife. Congratulations.

(And since the title of this probably got the song already stuck in your head…)

The concept of living forever, or even the possibly of living just beyond 500 years, is blown out of proportion and hyped up far beyond what it truly is: Delaying. All of your current plans and dreams for living your life, followed by the phrase, “But I’ll just worry about all of that 50 years later.”

Whether by brain augmentation, simulation theory, or a whirled milkshake made up of a crap ton of pills, 3d printed carbon fiber robotic appendage and cyber-enhanced memories, the fight to stave off death is a very real fight to many. And while technology and innovation continue to procrastinate the event horizon of human mortality, we’ll still never wholly be rid of our greatest mortal adversary: human restlessness.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Live 1,000+ years a sheep, or roughly 78 as a lion? Personally, I’d rather roar than bah.

(Partially inspired by a short commentary/story on what if the world was perfect.
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