Are Mental Hospitals Ineffective?

Are Mental Hospitals Ineffective?
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People like to believe mental hospitals are horribly ineffective to the recipients of the care, but I have greatly benefited from the therapy in retrospect. Sharing stories about the incompetent health care professionals and the lack of the empathy that enveloped the facilities. They might even say that their experience was more detrimental than beneficial, that the services are underfunded and full of “crazies.” However, my experience was refreshing to the mind and hugely beneficial to expanding my perspective on life. I was aware of the stigmas going into the mental health facility and was greatly surprised to find out how inaccurate the claims were.

People have begun to propagate the idea that health care professionals are incompetent and under-qualified in mental health facilities, mostly stemming from the myriad of YouTube videos and forum sites like Reddit on the internet. These experiences are often devastatingly traumatic, and almost always leave health care professionals in a questionable light so to speak. From people feeling like they were misdiagnosed and given the wrong medication, to individuals who feel like they were just dumped there.

People preach on about the lack of empathy that clouds mental health hospitals. How the nurses feel like it’s a chore to come to your aid, to the doctors who haven’t the modicum of interest in what you may be experiencing. An overwhelming majority of people feel as though these people act more as babysitters and less so individuals who are in the best interest of your mental health recovery.
Crazy people are apparently lurking from every crevice of these places, just waiting to spook an unsuspecting  victim. Kept in mental health facilities because they are not civilized enough for everyday life out in society.

However, my health care professionals seemed to be qualified and experienced in their occupations. After arriving at a mental health facility at twelve a.m., I was greeted by friendly staff members and consulted with a doctor via video chat. The doctor and I discussed my situation briefly, and he reassured me that we would devise a plan to get me on track.The next day, a room full of therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists greeted me to understand my situation more extensively. These individuals were collectively my “success team,” in charge of my treatment and recovery from the facility. They were steadily keeping track of my progress throughout my stay there, and made me feel like my recovery was paramount.

Despite claims about the lack of empathy surrounding these mental hospitals, almost every day that I spent at a mental health facility had activities, and therapeutic sessions planned that evoked emotion and concern for others, and more importantly, for yourself. I often shared heartfelt sentiments through the use of games with my peers, gaining some enjoyment while still also achieving an emotionally cathartic experience. I also had an array of “one on one” talks with my peers and staff, they gave me emotional support and a sense of comradery when I needed it the most.

Honestly, a majority of the “crazies” were just kids from broken homes and adults who have suffered from substance abuse and traumatic experiences; bad stuff, but not Hulk shattering. Most of these people were just looking for an attentive ear and a break from their respective lives. I think we can all resonate with that.

Compassionate and qualified individuals seemed to have my best interest in my mind. I got to participate in a variety of activities that were enthusing and beneficial, in my opinion. I was fed great food in a clean and well-constructed environment. I met a lot of profound individuals who gave me some positive and engaging experiences. Not everything in this world is a facade; some people like to extend a helping hand to the next man.

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