The Ordinary Life is best described by using the ancient 1990’s slang of “eZine” (or in lamens terms, an internet based magazine. The Ordinary Life also creates a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Trevor Freeman. The content delivery is based on satire and critical analysis on real-life prevalent subjects such as society + culture, lifestyle, philosophy, motivation, and business. Learn more about our writers here.

About Trevor Freeman:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.31.07 PMTrevor Freeman is an internet entrepreneur, musician, and founder of The Ordinary Life. Trevor started The Ordinary Life Podcast to talk about his life experiences including being bed-ridden sick for 2 years, starting his own business, dating, near death encounters and other cluster-f!@#ery. Follow Trevor On Twitter. You can also contact The Ordinary Life via email by clicking here.

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