4 Reasons Why No Man Should Settle For a “Job”

4 Reasons Why No Man Should Settle For a “Job”
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Us men have always looked up to leaders. We looked up to mavericks, lone rangers, men with causes and the fictional Tony Stark’s of our own world.

Rarely, have I heard a man look up to and aspire to be the accountant, bartender or insurance agent. Even the men who have high paying jobs such as non-self-employed lawyers, engineers, and even doctors often bemoan being the bitch of their boss. The same bosses who shoot down their ideas, chop off their balls and grind them down like rusty scrap metal day after day. The same managers who control virtually every decision they make from the moment they wake up until the time they go home – only to cry to their wife about it or watch Netflix. This sort of life destroys men, and I see it every day. Soulless vessels wandering around the cities looking for their mother or drowning their lack of expression in television.

Men gain power, personal power from leading their life.

Waking up each day and leading their struggle to accomplish their dreams and goals. Men who have lost their dreams and sub-sequentially challenges in life are just living in a blur. A perpetual groundhog day is living vicariously through watching celebrities, CEO’s, adventurers and game changers through the media. Sound Familiar? Here’s a news flash guys, the sands of your life are pouring out of your hands each day. It’s now or never – take a shit or get off the pot.

No One Wants To Be A B#*%h

plzsirI don’t care what your job is, or how much you’ve convinced yourself you like it. If someone else, other than you is calling the shots – you’re someone’s bitch. You can argue that some impressive people such as Fortune 500 CEO’s have jobs. However, you’re missing one fact, they get paid millions, and you don’t.  Most of you won’t be CEO’s for another corporation no matter how many asses you kiss; but, you can start something and make it a success with much better chances. You’ll be in control, you’ll set your hours, and you will answer to you. Just maybe, you will be someone who you would of idealized when you were a kid.

You Will Grow Exponentially

You will become smarter. You will become mentally stronger. You will gain self-confidence. You will be a creator and not just a production drone. Intentionally putting yourself in stressful situations is the only real way to grow. I promise you if you are going after your dream, and I will make the assumption that your dream is something difficult – they usually are – that you will be FORCED to become better than you are right now. You will have to learn new skills that you may have no experience with such as TRUE self-reliance, resourcefulness, “hustlin” and forming new perspectives. You will also learn how to deal with self-doubt, loss, rejection and “haters.” To sum it up, you become better.

Your Job Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe

Your job won’t give you more security than carving out your path. All you have to do is upset your slave-master, and you’re gone. Then begins the job hunt; I hear the economy is great right now – good luck. However, if you have a business (and you’re smart), you will have multiple streams of income. If one of your income streams disappears you won’t end up on the street and you have the flexibility to rebuild and innovate anything that you lose.

You’re Giving Your Only Resource Away

how-faces-age-over-time-animated-gifs-1Time. Un-guaranteed time. Our limited blip of a lifespan that at most will give us around 30-40 GOOD years should not be given away so nonchalantly. Time is so fucking precious that many men will gladly give everything they have (fortunes or not) for an extra day, month or year when they have hit their death bed. And here we are, giving away a huge portion of our time doing some annoying shit like filing paperwork, humping cubicle walls, staring out the windows at delicious freedom and trying not to wind up in the principles office, I mean HR office (don’t slap the secretaries ass guys). All while, of course, being horribly compensated for it. Remember, every minute that goes by is one more minute you’ll never get back – that you willingly gave to someone else that you probably don’t give a fuck about.

You Inspire Other Men

I’ve talked to lots of men over the last two years. Whenever they ask about what I do, and I explain that I run my own business and the things I’ve done over the last two years it’s IMPACTFUL. I’m saying something else that isn’t “I work at XYZ Pub” and “It’s a paycheck.” It opens a pathway for other people when you put something different out there. When you say “Hey, there’s a different way to live, I’ve done it, and you can do it too.” I’ve found more than anything; men want to be interesting and to have an interesting life. It’s not just about the money, it’s also about being the man you want to be — to be the most interesting man in your world.

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Trevor Freeman is a 30 year old entrepreneur, pianist, motorcyclist and philosophy buff. Follow him on twitter @trevorjfreeman.

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