3 Reasons To Avoid “Crazy-Makers”


Have you every heard the term crazy-maker? For example, that person is a real crazy-maker. It means that the “crazy-makers” instability rubs off on those around them in turn making them crazy. These people are out there, and it is a very, very real thing; you will end up questioning your own sanity because they are so good at what they do. Most people can’t see a crazy-maker unless they are romantically involved or family. If they have a history of bad family relationships and romantic relationships, that is usually a clue (especially family). If you are just their friend or casual acquaintance, you are unlikely to understand the root problems of that person. So without further adeu, here are three examples of how crazy-makers make you crazy feel crazy.

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How To Be A Man Going Somewhere


The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows whither he is going. – Epictetus

I’ve always had a plan. I’ve always had somewhere to go or something to become. I remember when I was in the hospital 2 years ago, I knew I couldn’t stay where I was. Being trapped and stuck to an IV amplified the feelings of stagnation I so often desired to avoid. Throughout my struggles in life I’ve been to hell and back but I found who and what I needed to be in order to be A Man Going Somewhere.

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[Explicit] Growing Pains & Watching Others Get Older


(If you are on a computer the streaming file is located on the right side of the page)

Shifting your perspective to understand how temporary life is can benefit you in a number of ways. Upon turning 29; I have gone through many facades and beliefs about life. Listen my free rant about growing older and how to utilize your time.

  • Why understanding you are going to die is important.
  • When to leave situations & move forward
  • Determining good motivations for your goals

3 Reasons Buying A Motorcycle Changed My Life


The photo you see on the side of this page, is myself on a motorcycle trip I took to San Diego with a friend (1000 miles round trip).

This is one of the few photos of me during the time that I was Ill. I dropped down to approximately 115lbs at a height of 5'10.
This is one of the few photos of me during the time that I was Ill. I dropped down to approximately 115lbs at a height of 5’10.

When I was 23 I went through a serious health crisis. I remember it vividly, I was celebrating the 4th of July, with my then girlfriend. It was a typical 4th of July – we drank, watched fireworks and ended it with a bang (get, it? bang?). I woke up the next morning with a slight hang over and a stomach ache. It seemed like the usual after effects with a night of drinking and staying up til 4 A.M. She took me to work the next day and it was a downward spiral from there. To make a long story short, I spent the next 2 years being essentially bed ridden sick recovering from an auto-immune attack on my nervous system. (Dysautonomia)

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The Fact You’re Alive Is Remarkable


When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. – Marcus Aurelius

It’s remarkable to think that it took billions of years for me (and you) to come into existence. That the moment the big bang happened and the universe exploded spilling out planets, stars and galaxies that we were a part of that process. Think about it like a crack in a large body of ice. The crack starts at an initial point and slowly spreads out. We are part of that spreading out process that all occurred from one event billions of years ago.

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