Advice From 30-Year Old Me to 20 Year-old Me


Start Now On Your Goals

The biggest piece of advice I would give myself is to start now. What I mean by that, is to not fall into the trap of “I am young and have plenty of time”. Life is incredibly short and every project I am working on now I wish I would of started 10 years ago. Not only would I be remarkably more successful and experienced now, but I would of made much more valuable use of my time. So don’t buy into the “YOLO” culture of partying and drinking – it’s a massive waste of time that leaves you with nothing at the end of the day.

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The Psychopath’s In Your Social Life


What is it that makes a person popular—likeable, on the outermost level? These questions, I find, can be extremely difficult for some people to answer, not because the answers are difficult to grasp, but because no one likes the answers that prevail in human interaction; they know that psychopathy and narcissism—exacerbated by the childlike state induced by social media and popular culture—are powerful in dictated this sort of social hierarchy in open communities. Even when one is willing to entertain thinking in terms of the superficial, neanderthal laws that win out in the social arena, it can be very damaging to one’s conception of human value.

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The Rebels In Journalism & Their Battle Against Feminism


In Journalism, you are always under the microscope for the slightest infractions to the status quo. In today’s world that status quo is known as feminism and social justice. In the past, facism was used to control the speech and publications of media outlets to further propaganda and keep people from questioning many forms of the status quo. However, facism has evolved into anything that is critical of feminism or social justice. If you say anything against the status quo you can be labeled as a sexist, homophobic, racist and publicly shamed or fired from your job. Any kind of world where it is martyrdom to question a set of beliefs is a problem. However, today we have more and more journalists stepping out and making a statement by using critical analysis of these belief systems.

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The Future Of “Equality”


It’s easy to dismiss the harmful effects of “equality”. However, it only takes a brief look into the future to see how it can negatively  influence society into the destruction of freedom of speech. The new wave of social justice uses the term “offensive, racist, sexist or bigoted” to control. It’s basically the same as any control tactic in the past except it uses a bubbly-flowery-holier than-thou superficial face. Here’s a great Youtube video parodying the future of “equality.

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The Problem With Bruce Jenner


Men – It’s now possible to put on a dress, mutilate your body and become woman of the year. What comes with being woman of the year? The gifts of fame, riches and bathing in your own thoughts of grandiosity. But, who was Bruce Jenner before he became Americas sweetheart with a dick? Bruce Jenner was an former Olympian with a career in reality TV and game shows – a shadow of his current self. He was married several times, had children and is currently married to Kris Kardashian. I have some theories on why a transgender transition was a desired goal for Bruce Jenner and it’s negative impacts on society.

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