Why The New Feminist Ghostbusters Makes Perfect Sense

Let me ask you something.

What does feminism and the new Ghost Busters movie have in common? They’re both about fighting something that doesn’t exist. -Trevor Freeman

Sorry, I had to quote myself on that one.

The New Ghost Busters Is Shit Apparently

The new Ghost Busters movie has received some of the biggest steaming pile of shit reviews of any movie to come out recently. The reviews stem from talking about how devoid the comedy is to how painfully stereotypical the characters are. In addition to that, many complaints come from the overwhelming bland narrative of feminism and “gurl power” the movie contains. Despite many people pointing out the painful feminist narrative, the media has taken to criticizing any negative reviews as “misogyny”. Because….how could taking a classic movie and literally swapping the gender of all the main characters just “because” not seem like a bunch of bullshit to anyone.

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How To Stay Motivated Without Lying To Yourself

The self help industry has been notorious for motivating many people with promises of fame and fortune without having to do anything for it. Many self-help speakers shout cliches such as “You can be anything you want”, “Just think positive and it will happen”, “Follow your passions”. Although there is some benefit to that advice; it alone will not make your dreams come true. In this episode we talk about the realistic ways to motivate yourself by putting things into perspective.