Morgan Freeman’s Uplifting Views On Racism

Morgan Freeman has a simple answer to how we stop racism, or rather, how we can take it's power away...Read More

Journaling: Ideas, How-to, and Benefits

s a somewhat younger man, I found myself one day having tea with a priest from a nearby Cathedral. H...Read More

3 Reasons Smartphones Are Killing Your Relationship

wrote a blog post in the distant past, in a galaxy far-far-away called Smartphones Are A Woman’...Read More

Sex Robots Give Men Everything And Women Nothing

Since the Greek myth of Pygmalion, man has long yearned to create an ideal lover made in his image. ...Read More

3 Reasons Why Casual Sex Sucks

Casual sex sucks. Casual sex is that late-night run to McDonald’s all over again, you know you...Read More

Feminist Creates ‘White Male Registry’ Because White Men Are Dangerous

think it’s fair to say that white men are vilified by popular modern culture. The idea that wh...Read More

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